Thursday, January 24, 2008

You can't GIVE play dough away

Recently I decided to clean out my over the counter medicine cabinet. You can only catch so many bottles of Robitussin before your luck runs out so it was definitely time. In the process of cleaning I came across a tote on the top shelf of play dough and cookie cutters. I was saving it just in case we ever needed to entertain unexpected toddlers. Considering the fact that at this stage in my life I try to avoid toddlers I thought giving it away would be a safe move.

I took the huge bag of play dough and various paraphernalia to work. I envisioned someone snatching it up with a look of glee in their eyes. They would take it home and spend hours of quality time with their children and fondly think of me. I could not have been more delusioned. All I heard was how it gets in your carpet and it makes a mess, blah , blah, blah..... What was wrong with these people? The memory I conjured up when I smelled that familiar Play dough smell was of Ashley and Michael making pretend cookies. But after some reflection I came out of la-la land and remembered that it does make a mess and it would drive me crazy when they would mix the colors or let it harden. Ok, maybe an entire bag of it wasn't such a prize. Maybe I was becoming one of those annoying people that only remember the precious moments and not the chaos that drove me to drinking wine out of a sippy cup. I hope not. I want to be able to console Ashley when she is a mom and calls telling me she is about to lose her mind. I'll be able to tell her about the time I smelled the Play dough and the chaos was not the first thing I thought about.

Special thanks to Sonya, the co-worker that took my donation. She is an aunt not a mom so she will have a blast!!!!!

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