Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Michael Gets Political

It's an election year and Michael is fired up.  He's not concerned with gas prices or unemployment.  He hasn't listened to any convention speeches or done any research. I would bet that he couldn't even tell you who is running against President Obama.

All the fire in his belly is based on the fact that Michelle Obama "stole" his mozzarella sticks. Apparently the new standards for lunch room meals has eliminated his beloved mozzarella sticks and he is none too happy. 

He couldn't believe she had passed this law.  I gently informed him that Michele Obama can't really pass laws but he was not listening.  He was going to write a strongly worded letter addressing this grievance.

I was just excited that he wanted to write her a letter.  He hates to write so I figured he must be really upset.

I tried to talk him off the ledge by explaining the motive behind the plan was to curtail childhood obesity.  He argued that kids will be so hungry after school that they will have to head to McDonalds so they don't starve to death.  There was no helping out Michelle Obama on this one.

He is going to suggest that Mrs. Obama implement Fried Food Fridays so at least one day a week the kids will be happy.

Who knows maybe one day I will be explaining on Inauguration Day that President Eller's political career began with him being denied fried cheese. 

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Michelle Russell said...

My kids learned early on that's what Dem's do - over-regulate everything. Hopefully, Michael's generation will learn from this so when they can vote, they will rebel and get the country turned around. In the meantime, they can inspire their parents to vote GOP to get government out of our food choices, schools, and wallets.