Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Biggest Loser Of The Genetic Lottery

In the genetic lottery of my family there is one area that I have been declared the biggest loser.  I am the only one with straight, fine hair.

Everyone in my family, immediate and extended, has thick curly hair.  I on the other "head" have baby fine and straight as a board hair.  It is not fair!  How could the Hair Gods have just skipped me?

My daughter has a gorgeous head of hair.  She just shampoos, shakes it out and goes.  It falls into beautiful ringlets and she is ready to conquer her day.

I wake up and my hair is standing straight up and I look like one of those troll dolls.  The only difference is that my hair isn't a fun color and I am not smiling.

After an expensive shampoo and conditioner are applied I begin the process needed to provide a little lift to my hair.

It involves a extra hold mousse, a round brush, blow drying my hair upside down, extra hold hairspray curling iron, prayer and an occasional curse word.  Even with all this there are never any guarantees.

I can only imagine how different my life would have turned out if I had been blessed with those curly locks.  What would I have done with all the time I would have saved by just being adorable right out of the shower?  How would my outlook and possibilities have been changed with an endless stream of good hair days?

Having all that extra time to study in college would have increased my GPA, I am certain.  There is a good chance I would have ended up in medical school and gone on to find a cure for one of society's most heinous problems....straight troll like hair.

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