Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Am Not Thankful For,,,

Every year we all do a "what we are thankful for " list .  This year I thought I would put a different spin on it and list a few things that I am not thankful for, just for fun.

I am not thankful:

1. That I have to continue to see the Kardashian sisters everywhere.

2. That I now have more hair on my upper lip than my teenage son.

3. That I can no longer remember people's names, where I put important papers or how to change the clock in       my van.

4. That technology is leaving me behind and that my phone now requires me to take a class to use it.

5. That my bitty baby is driving and will soon be leaving me behind...literally.

6. That at my age when I wear high heels it requires a two day ibuprofen follow up for all the aches and pain.

7.  That everything printed in less than a one inch high font is unreadable to me and no matter how many pairs of readers I buy there is never a pair close when I need them.

8. That I have to worry about things like fiber and cholesterol and my "colon health". UGH!

9.  That my doctor starts every third sentence during my physical with the words "for a woman your age".  I have threatened to withhold payment if he continues using that phrase.

10.  That the 80's clothes that I wore are now referred to as "vintage".

Just a few things that although I have lots to be thankful for I could do without.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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