Saturday, September 10, 2011

Apathy After 9/11

Ten years we sat and watched to majestic Twin Towers fall and as they did our innocence as a nation crumbled as well.

We can all remember where we were when we heard the news.  It is a defining moment for our generation not unlike the generation before us that endured the assassination of  President Kennedy.

As horrific as the attack was, I think what we are doing as a country to ourselves is just as horrific.  We are an over indulgent nation that doesn't take any responsibility for the mess we are in.

First let me say that the politicians didn't get us into this mess, we did.  You know why? Because we are too lazy to research candidates and get out and vote.  Did you know weather can influence an election?  Isn't it sad that most of us can't be bothered to go vote because it is raining?  As a nation would rather sit back and bellyache about things than take any real action.  We are too busy playing with our latest electronics to go attend a town hall meeting.  Our biggest concern is about having a winning football team and not about who we are electing to our school board.

I feel the best way to honor all those brave firefighters and policemen that died in the attack would be to make sure as community that we support those remaining with job security and respect.

It  is our responsibility to make sure OUR country remains the strongest and the best of the best above all others.  We can't count on elected officials to do it for us. We need to take pride in our nation and cherish every moment of freedom that we have by voting, participating in things that affect us and by fighting for the things that really matter.

So as you are watching the memorials, remember that it most likely it won't be a terrorist that destroys our nation. It will be our own apathy.

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