Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Survival Tip #2


First let me remind you that a load of laundry is when the washer is full of dirty clothes.  A load is not two socks that don't match and the shorts you want to wear today.  Remember we talked before about how scary the washing machine is and that the clothes feel more secure if there are a lot of them in there.

Second, the "do a load" of laundry process is just that...a process.  That means there are a series of steps involved.  After the washer has stopped the clothes need to be placed in the dryer.  The lent trap needs to be cleaned out so that our home doesn't catch on fire.  This is an important step.  Trust me, a house fire would severely impair your social life.

After the dryer stops the clothes need to exit the dryer into a basket and then they need to be folded.  Folding is an important step in the process.  Otherwise they need to be ironed or you will leave the house looking like your shirt spent the night crammed in an aspirin bottle. While this may not bother you, it will really bother me and I will be cranky and well you know the rest...

NOTE:  If you leave the clothes in the washer overnight, don't try to just add an extra bounce and think the yucky smell will go away.  You must at that point wash the clothes again.  Remember when we put the tent away wet and the next time we used it during the rain we had to evacuate due to the smell?  That is what your clothes will smell like.

NOTE to Michael:  Just because every time I try to explain this process you run away yelling "LA LA LA I can't hear you" doesn't exempt you from this chore.  I know you truly in your heart of hearts believe that their will always be a "hot" girl that you can convince to do your laundry.  While you are adorable now, your looks may one day fade and you might have to resort to doing your own chores.  I know this is as hard to believe as global warming and that flossing is good for you but it is true so consider yourself warned

Stay tuned to find out the mystery surrounding the vacuum cleaner.

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