Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Essay

My children were awesome to me for Mother's Day.  Tickets to see the musical Memphis and flowers.

As a special surprise Michael gave me an essay that he had written for school.  I was so touched I thought I would share it with you.

My mom is special because she is supportive in everything I do, is nice to everyone she meets and is very caring.

She thinks about others before herself. She volunteers anytime she gets the chance for anything she can.  She in fact is making dinner for me right now even though she hasn't had dinner yet.  She also always lets me pick where to eat, drive and go on vacation.

My mom will stop at Target and help someone or talk to them even when she has never met them.  She will stop on the side of the road to help someone when she's never met them.  She is a physical therapist assistant and always tells me about how much she tries to get them better from their sickness.

My mom is the greatest cook ever.  She always has the greatest things hot and ready.  When I wake up and she didn't go shopping she takes me out to eat to make sure I have great breakfast.

Those are all the reasons that my mom is the greatest mom ever!

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