Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mediation, Meditation, Medication?

Next week I start the portion of the divorce process where we are appointed a mediator. This is a random person that knows neither of us that is going to help us come to an agreement on how we are going to be divorced. Where were these mediator people when we were going through the Flood of 2010 or when we bought our last car? We could have really used one then.

I have found that there is no easy way to go through the divorce process. When two people have decided they don't like each other and want to go forth with their lives without the other person it makes for an emotional and sticky mess. It doesn't matter if it is a joint decision or not, it is still complicated.

We are all human. We all have faults, egos and opinions. Ultimately we all want what is best for us. However, sometimes wanting what is best for us gets all clouded with emotion and vanity and the desire to be right over being happy. I am hoping the wise mediator will be able to part the clouds of emotion and help us both see clearly what is best for us and our children.

So for the next month we will be mediating our divorce, I will be trying to meditate the stress away and if that doesn't work I will medicate...LOL. Those will be the three M's of my divorce. If the first one works well I hope I won't need the other two. Wish me luck.


Tamera said...

My divorce was a long time ago. We didn't have children which made things much easier. But, it was still awful.

My thoughts are with you! One day at a time, I guess.

Elizabeth Terese said...

My divorce was a few months ago and I am just now starting to feel the deep pain of it... the numbness has worn off. I really feel for you. Such a tough thing. Will be praying for you.