Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jersey Shore

At first I admit I watched just to hang out with Michael and Zach. Now I am addicted to Jersey Shore.

I am ashamed to admit it but I feel I must. They are the exact opposite of anyone I would want my kids to hang out with but I am drawn to their drama like a car wreck. I slowed down to look and now I have stopped to help with the carnage.

My favorite guy is "The Situation". He is just so funny and such an instigator but adorable at the same time. I would never let Ashley date him but I do love watching him.

Tonight they bought a stripper pole. Yes, a stripper pole for the kitchen. I didn't turn the channel and search for something else to watch. I just wondered out loud if they had remembered to secure it. Now I am worrying about the kids on Jersey Shore! If any of these kids were my patients I would have to recommend 24 hour supervision...especially for Snooki.

I think I need a television intervention.

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