Monday, October 11, 2010

Is the home phone obsolete?

My husband has been after me for some time now to give up our home phone and just use our cell phones. I have mixed feelings about the prospect.

I understand that the savings per month would be nice but I don't think I am quite ready.

Giving up the house phone would mean keeping my cell phone close by at all times. This would present a problem. I tried going without my home phone for a couple of weeks and it seemed as if I was constantly searching for my cell phone. At least with a house phone I have other lines to depend upon.

I can't imagine my cell phone clipped to my pajamas while I putter around the house. Besides if I am here alone how will I find my cell phone if I can't call it from my house phone?

See my problem? What do you think? Let me know if you still have a home phone and why?


Tamera said...

I know what you mean? My cell phone is currently lost. Who knows where it is???? It's out of juice evidently, because it doesn't answer me when I call it from my house phone. :-(

Renea said...

I guess I am old school. I still like my house phone because I have been known to leave the cell phone at work or in my van. Then I am forever looking for it. Sigh. I guess just the thought of no house phone scares me.