Saturday, October 16, 2010

Have we been robbed?

Yesterday I pulled a mean trick on my kids. I hung up all their jackets and hoodies (for those of you over the age of 18, hoodies are hooded sweatshirts) and put their shoes in the closet. I know meanest mom ever , right?

I don't exactly know when we voted as a family that my kitchen table was a coat rack/catch all but it happened anyway. When my kids enter the back door they take their shoes off and place them strategically where the next person to come through will most definitely trip over them. We call this the Nike land mines.

Next they venture over and proceed to deposit anything they are carrying or holding on the kitchen table. Book bags, hoodies, jackets, papers and empty water bottles seem to be in the top five list of items.

After a few days the pile becomes quite large and we start to "lose" things. It must be against the law to actually pick anything up to look under it for an object. I know this because my daughter had my husband and I searching for her backpack at 6:30 one morning only to find it was under a blanket. The rule must state that until you are 18 you can only take a quick glance around the room for something before yelling for help.

After the shock of finding out their jackets were on the coat hooks and their shoes were in the closet they recovered and things got back to normal. With Michael's sleep over last night the kitchen table is once again hidden with all things teenager.

One day I will have my perfect kitchen table back and I know I will miss these days. But for now so long place mats and pretty floral arrangement, see you in a few years.

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