Friday, September 10, 2010

Weight Watchers

After my failed attempt at exercise I thought it might be easier and less stressful to start limiting my intake.

I stopped by the Weight Watchers office and became a card carrying member. Booklets in hand I headed into the meeting to begin my journey of counting points and making smarter choices. Honestly, I felt thinner all ready.

The instructor was a very likable man and seemed very enthusiastic about the Weight Watchers program. The only problem was he was a 80 year old man and the room was full of middle age woman.

I am a little afraid for him.

Men and women don't mix well when it comes to weight loss. It just seems to be more difficult for woman to lose weight than it does for men. Maybe I am just bitter because I have a skinny husband or maybe I am right. Either way if this man tries to convince us that our chocolate addiction is all in our heads, I think one of us might have to take him down.

This gentleman was talking about when he was growing up in the 1940's and I thought "Wow , a gender and a generation gap. This should be fun"

So wish me and Moses , good luck. We are both going to need it.

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