Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kate is looking for Mr. Right

Word just in...Kate Gosselin is looking for Mr. Right and says "it would be nice if a guy noticed me". She is sporting a rock hard bikini body and ready to date.

I don't think a guy noticing you is the problem. I think the problem is guys know you too well.

I can think of several reasons why any sane guy would run for the hills when he saw you coming. Here are just a few examples.

1. You are a single mom with EIGHT kids.

2. We all watched for five years as you screamed and berated your first husband Jon - both in private and in public.

3. You whined your way through a season of Dancing with the Stars and we watched as your instructor was driven to distraction by your complaining.

4. You have made it known on many occasions that you have a "little" OCD and like things done exactly your way.

5. You love to go on t.v. and talk about how you want to stay home and bake cookies with your kids. You claim you just want out of the limelight. Here's a big hint Kate. If you are sitting across from Matt Lauer and there are a big bank of television cameras in front of you with the red light on.....YOU ARE NOT OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT.

For all you Kate Plus 8 fans , I am not saying that she doesn't deserve some happiness with a guy. I am just saying she is going to be difficult to market with all the footage out there of her being such a charming first wife.

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