Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Miss the Charlie Brown Tradition

When I was growing up there were a few nights when our world came to a grinding halt.

Those nights were reserved for the Charlie Brown specials. The commercials would start about a month before the actual event and we would mark it on the calendar.

Homework and baths were done early. Pajamas with feet were adorned. We were in viewing position on the couch 1/2 hour before the show began.

Mother would always prepare a dinner we could eat on television trays. We owned the chic fake wood grain tables with the gold legs. It was usually pot pies or a Salisbury steak t.v. dinner in a foil tray. Back then there were no microwaves so you had to actually put them in the oven to bake.

We would all gather in the living room and anxiously await the familiar Charlie Brown theme music. We did this because they only aired ONCE a year. There was no VCR, DVR or TIVO to preserve the images. You had to watch on that night or wait another whole year for your chance to see your favorite characters.

Those nights were some of my favorite of the whole year. There was something so special about the whole event from the dinner in the living room to the antics of Snoopy that made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

My kids will never have those type of moments. Everything is available for their viewing pleasure 24/7.

Instead we have DVR nights where we all gather in the basement and watch all the things we were way too busy to watch during the week. We snuggle under blankets and usually end up laughing so hard that one of us (no need to point fingers) ends up racing to the bathroom.

It really doesn't matter what type of traditions you have. What matters is that there are times in the busy lives of each of us where our children feel special and know that we are present in the moment. No distractions, no other place we would rather be and absolutely no one we would rather be with.

We only get so many chances to make childhood memories with our children. Take a moment each day to let them know you love them. My mother did and I am so thankful for her love and her yummy dinners on our fashionable t.v. trays.

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Tamera said...

You are one of my recipients of the "Sunshine Award." You can check out my blog on Sat, Oct 2nd to read more about it! Thanks for being so great!