Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MacGyver Drawer Withdrawal

I used to be a normal person. Then I became a mom.

This became very evident yesterday as my daughter and I unpacked the kitchen. She had the task of unpacking the craft/school supplies drawer. We have a very large drawer in my kitchen devoted to just these items.

She began tossing items she deemed unnecessary and I began to lose my mind.

"Why do you need a package of doll hair?" she asked.

"To make a Ken doll look like George Washington , of course."

"Seriously? and why do we need two packages of self adhesive letters that have never been opened?"

Has she fallen recently and hit her head? Where has this girl been for the last 12 years?

Doesn't she remember wandering into my bedroom at 8:30 at night and saying "Hey I forgot to tell you but I need a timeline of my life complete with's due tomorrow."

She seems to have forgotten all the times that projects were pieced together from the supply/MacGyver drawer in our kitchen. I save ribbon, pipe cleaners, book covers and just about anything else that I deem worthy. I could probably assemble a homecoming float if I needed to do so.

But before you call the Hoarders:Buried Alive producers, let me explain.

I do this because I am used to being in high pressure project situations. I know what it is like to be awake at midnight hot gluing the hair on Ken to make him look like a former president. I can make a shoe box into a A project within an hour. Even with my eyes blurred and burning from fatigue I know how to count the letters and space backwards so they are perfectly centered and look like they took weeks to prepare.

Taking my MacGyver drawer would make me go into withdrawals and break out in a cold sweat. I need the security of knowing that I will not be at CVS on a Sunday night in my pajama pants paying a ridiculous price for a package of index cards.

Maybe when they have both completed college and are employed I will empty out the drawer and let go of my project fear. But for now, drop the doll hair and the markers and no one will get hurt.

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Jen Ladd said...

Even after they are gone save it for the rest of us and we will need instructions on assembly as well.