Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three Day Warning

Recently our air conditioner, washing machine and most importantly my daughters blow dryer decided to discontinue performing the service for which they were purchased. They gave no warning , no two week notice or any indication that they were unhappy with their jobs.

With so many advances in technology why is it that all appliances can't be equipped with a twenty four hour warning button. For example, if you know you only have one more day with your washer you would make a smarter choice with your swan song load. Most definitely underwear and essentials would make the cut.

Air conditioners should have their own 911 system. When your air goes out and it is over 75 degrees there should be a phone number to call , perhaps 468 (HOT). Then the repair man would rush to your home and get you back in operation stat.

Blow dryers/curling irons/straighteners and all such appliances needed to make you presentable in public should have at least a 24 hour warning. No exceptions.

I am just saying....with all the things that we have now to make our life easier how have we overlooked the appliance warning button.

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