Friday, February 26, 2010

Those annoying police....

Yesterday I was in a nail salon getting my nails done when I noticed three very attractive young girls in their early twenties come in and sit down for mani/pedis. They started talking and of course having nothing better to do than breathe in the toxic acrylic fumes I started listening.

It didn't take me very long to realize they were talking about drinking and driving. They were apparently aghast that one of the girls had been pulled over the night before after leaving the Library Pub. I listened as they went on and on about how "annoying " the police were for pulling them over. "Omg, how could anyone expect me to stand on one foot in three inch heels?" they cried and whined. They made it sound so unfair that I thought that any minute they were going to start taking up a collection for stupid drunk girls. I listened to them whine and repeat over and over how the cops were "so annoying". It was really starting to make my blood boil. I vowed however to keep my composure and not get involved. For those of you that know me you can see where this is going...

After more whining one of the girls ask "so did they like pull you over for no reason or what?". "Oh no I was swerving because I was texting someone...". That is when my chair just spun around all by itself, I swear. I thought well I am facing them I might as well give my opinion.

I guess the rapid chair spin got their attention because they were all looking right at me. Before I could help myself I blurted out..."So, let me get this straight, you were on the same highway as me and my family, driving drunk , swerving and texting and the police are the ones that are annoying? Seriously?" I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to choke her and shake her until she realized just how stupid and careless she was being. I wanted to tell her about the lady I worked with in Chicago whose four year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver and how I will never forget the look in her eyes when she came back to work. But I didn't. I just turned around and finished as they sat silent. Hopefully they will think next time they are drinking to get a ride. Maybe I should have really shocked her and told her they don't allow cell phones in prison. That would have scared her straight.

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Denise said...

THank you for that Kim! This is Denise, your neighbor up the street. I heard you had a fun blog and I am researching blogs for work, so I thought I'd better get into this blogging world.

You probably saved someone's life by confronting those girls. Mayne one of theirs!