Friday, November 6, 2009

"You don't smell like Michael"

Had a great Halloween with the kids...Ashley went to a bonfire and then came back to the house with friends and played poker for candy. If you thought the tension was high between grown me playing for money, you should have seen four teenagers playing for chocolate. I thought it was going to get ugly. I could hear the play by play because they chose to play in the living room directly under my bedroom instead of the 1500 square foot basement that we remodeled just fo the kids and their friends. I won't divulge any of the conversation but I am sad to report that the phrase "that's what she said" is still being used.

Michael went to a co-ed Halloween party. They all dressed up like crayola crayons and went as a box of crayons. His friend Jessica wanted to decorate his t-shirt but he told her "no, my mom will want to do it ...she's kind of a freak about stuff like that ..:. At least my son knows me well. This was the easiest costume I have ever had to do so I was very happy. If you remember a few years ago Michael wanted to go as a pimp so a crayon was a big improvement. After the party I picked him up and this was the conversation on the way home:

Mom: Did you have fun?

Michael: Yea, it was a blast.

Mom: Sniff don't smell like Michael..

Michael: What? What do you mean?

Mom: I mean you smell like someone other than yourself. You smell I don't know ..sweet?

Michael: Are you kidding me? I don't SMELL like me?

Mom: No you don't you smell all sweet ...did you make out with a girl.

Michael: NO...geez

Mom: Are you sure?

Michael: I am 100% sure I didn't "make out" with a girl!!!

Mom: Well, you sure smell sweet for a boy.

Michael: Maybe it was all the candy I ate.

Mom: No it's a girl smell not a Snickers smell. I'm not dumb you know..if you made out with a girl you can tell me...

Michael: I didn't make out with a girl!!

Mom: Did you kiss one, or hug one?

Michael: NO!!! I swear I didn't do anything with a girl.

Mom: OK but you don't smell like my Michael.

Michael: You have got to be kidding me!

After many sideways looks by me and much more denial by him we continued home.Ten minutes from home his face lit up and he grabbed his baseball sweatshirt out of this bag. I hadn't seen this sweatshirt in a month because one Friday night Jessica ( the girl that had the party) called him from the H.S. football game and told him she was cold and asked if he could bring her one of his sweatshirts to wear. Pretty smart girl.... Michael grabbed the sweatshirt and sniffed it and exclaimed "THIS IS IT!!!!" Apparently Jessica had been wearing it to school every day and she wears a very lovely but not a Michael smelling body spray. He was so excited to solve this mystery and to tell me "I told you so..." I was really happy that he hadn't spent so much time with some girl at the party that he "didn't smell like Michael". Oh, there may have been some kissing going on, I am no fool. But at least for now he still smells like my bitty baby boy Michael.

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