Thursday, September 17, 2009

Everybody is somebody's baby....

Last night on the news there was a story about a nineteen year old "kid" that burglarized a home. Now if you watch the Detroit news you know that murder usually makes the headlines not burglary. This was no run of the mill burglary because not only did he break into some one's home to steal all their electronics (that in these economic times they're probably still paying for) but he killed their kitten. He took all their tech stuff and as an added bonus he put their 7 month old kitten into their Maytag front loader and turned it on. Now in my book burglary is one thing but when you start torturing and killing animals there is something bad wrong with you. If you break into my house and kill my dog you had better hope the po-po finds you before I do.

The really side part of the story was when the news crew in their infinite wisdom tracked down his nanny granny and put her on camera. She was using a walker , wearing a house coat and had her hair up in a gray bun. She had one lone chin hair hanging down accented by the light coming in from behind her. She was newscaster GOLD. She sobbed about what a good boy her grandson was and how he just got in with the wrong crowd. Between sobs she said how much he loved him. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. If I had been shocked about what he did to the cat, I was mortified about him breaking his grannies heart. You like to think that people who commit crimes of this nature are so far from our normal. They must not have received enough love as a child, but clearly this boy was loved unconditionally. I ached for her. She was a perfect example of the kind of love we all have for our children. I could just see her dragging her walker down to the Wayne County jail and visiting her grand baby. By this time next week she will be reaching into her bra for money to deposit into his jail account so he can buy cigarettes. The ripple effect of what he had done had reached far beyond the family and the home he had invaded and the kitten he had killed. His selfish and stupid act had hurt so many people. When asked why he killed the kitten he said "it was bothering me while I was trying to rob the house". The good news is where he is headed annoying pussy will no longer be a problem.

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