Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe I am not explaining it correctly

I looked hurry up in the dictionary today just to make sure I had the definition correct. I was a little concerned because I explain it to Michael every morning and he doesn't seem to get it. Seeing that Michael is a pretty smart kid I thought the problem must surely lie with me. Here is the definition according to Webster:

HURRY: go or cause to go with haste

HURRY ACCORDING TO ME: Get your butt in gear or you are going to miss the bus which means I will have to drive you to school!!!!!!

HURRY ACCORDING TO MICHAEL: Michael's definition of hurry is to move at the exact same pace as he does if he gets up at 7:00 a.m. whether he gets up at 7:15 or 7:20 a.m.. His routine involves doing his hair or showering, reading the sport page, loading his backpack, eating breakfast, finding his jacket, blaming me because he can't find his jacket, putting on his shoes and spraying his AXE body spray. If time is not a deterrent he will brush his teeth. In between all these activities he finds it necessary to tell me stories or recap the latest Family Guy. This would be entertaining if he could tell a story and do ANYTHING ELSE at the same time. This all leads my blood pressure to go higher and I spend my morning trying to pry the child proof lid off the Excedrin bottle.

I will keep trying to make him understand and grasp time management skills. That's my job as a parent and I know that one day I will miss these morning but until then if ya'll could send a little prayer for me between 7:00 and 7:39 each morning I would appreciate it.


Kim Naville said...

Merry Christmas!! Kim you had me in tears reading this because it was as if I had written close to the same account of Zach. It is a pitty that he is at IU now and I don't get to experience this on a daily basis! However, it is Christmas break and I am quickly remember all too well!!!!

Little Blonde Angel (Rachel) said...

Michael makes fun of me at school because I have a precise way of getting to each class. This reminded me of that. LOL