Monday, September 8, 2008

Back in school....ugh!!!

The kids are back in school full swing and for the very first time in my career as a mother I was sad to see them go. When they were smaller and much more labor intensive, I used to say my favorite color was school bus yellow and the most lovely site in September was the back of their little heads. But things change and now that they can pour their own milk and sleep past 8:00 o'clock I have grown quite fond of summer. I love that on the days I work I can go in after I have all their social arrangements made and work as late as I want. I love that you may find us at the Dairy Queen drive thru at 10:00 p.m. in our pj's ordering ice cream. We watch movies, hang out with friends, we bowled every Wednesday with our best buddies the Cozarts ( you will remember Rachel from the tragic break up blog but all is well now, they're best friends.), we traveled, watched Michael play baseball, Ashley took private vocal lessons and we just had fun. My kids are growing in to great people that I truly love to be around. Please don't start throwing up yet, Tara, there are times that I still think they need killin' but overall they are turning out all right. Plus, as my dad says now they have gotten too big to bury in the backyard so I'm stuck with them. So now instead of counting the days until school starts I am counting the days until they are out again. The time will fly with sport and musicals and finals....oh my!! and before long we will be back in our pjs enjoying our ice cream.

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Little Blonde Angel (Rachel) said...

I feel so loved to have my name in one of your blogs!