Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's all crashing around me....

Well in the last week I have dropped my cell phone in the toilet and crashed my computer. I haven't felt so lost since Mike Tracey broke up with me in college. I just wander around and wonder what's going on in the world and what every one's phone number is. It is very humbling.

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet at the Cracker Barrel. I dove in and tried to revive it but after it dried out it just wasn't strong enough to make it. I will admit that I had forgotten it was on my lap and dropped it on the garage floor several times but I thought I had a few good years left in it. Since I don't have my old numbers I couldn't call my hairdresser , my nail tech or my doctor. I am walking around with roots , chipped nails and no emergency Xanax. It is not a pretty site. I see other people with their phones and get weepy remembering all the good times we had. Like the time I left it in the shoe department in Macy's and the little Asian lady kept answering it for me and taking messages. My brother called me and spoke with her and then called home and left a hostage message. Finally the lady turned the phone off and proclaimed to me, "You very popular girl. You have many calls." I think she was overwhelmed. Well welcome to my country and my world little Asian lady.

The computer crashed and I had to listen to the "what did you do to it " speech that I hear every time something breaks. I was waiting for the call when the World Trade Center came tumbling down because as Steve will tell you things don't just break. Anyway, we are now in the process of looking for a new computer but between Australia payments , class rings, baseball fees and all life's other necessities I think I will be getting a legal pad and a No. 2 pencil. So for now I am bootlegging and blogging on the computers of my rich friends. Please be patient with me. Don't stay awake nights worrying that the drama of my life had ceased. There is still plenty of drama I just can't get it to you very conveniently. P.S. Grandma Jackie, if ya'll have an extra computer lying around I'll trade you a legal pad for it..

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