Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Steven Grant

I know , I know I haven't blogged since December 10. All your heckling and snide remarks are noted. You'll be happy to know that I am back in the groove and have many things this new year to blog. As soon as I pick up my disc from CVS I will do a long and boring blog about our Christmas vacation. You'll all be thrilled I'm sure.

I wanted to mention something before it leaves the headlines. How in the world did Steven Grant fight with his wife, knock her down, kill her and drag her into the car ,much of which occurred while he was naked and not wake up his children? Don't get me wrong, I pray that he has the only two kids in the world that can sleep thru all that but I just can't imagine it. When my kids were that age I didn't even flush the toilet past bedtime because just the water running thru the pipes would cost me twenty minutes in "I need a drink, tuck me in yada yada yada..." Steve wouldn't have had time to kill me because the kids never left us alone long enough. Most intimate moments occurred with Michael looking thru the keyhole giggling and saying "I can see you". That is precisely why we didn't have a third child.

I hope today that the judge really makes a decision that will help the children heal and move forward to as close to a normal life as possible. May all the sounds they hear in the night be normal and happy ones.

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